Настройка ралинк

I just successfully configured my Raspberry Pi to be a WiFi printserver in my network. Details below.<br />
Next step: configure the scanner with a software which allows me to scan directly to a network folder on the touch of a button.<br />
Bonus: I can also print from my android phone now o/ The WiFi dongle I used is a bit moody though - I guess I will replace it with ethernet connection again, once I have a permanent place for all of it.</p>
<p>Hardware:<br />
* powered USB Hub (also power source for the Pi)<br />
* Canon Printer/Scanner combo<br />
* Cheap WiFi dongle (Ralink RT5370)<br />
* LAN cable, Keyboard, HDMI cable and second monitor (all of which are used only during setup)</p>
<p>Steps I took:<br />
* Installed fresh Raspian, changed username and pwd, set root pwd<br />
* configured a static IP, activated SSH<br />
* installed CUPS (found help here: http://www.gaducated.com/raspberry-pi-print-and-scan-server-part-2-print-and-airprint-configuration/ )<br />
* Configured Cups via webaccess<br />
* installed WiFi Dongle like described here: ( https://www.modmypi.com/blog/how-to-set-up-the-ralink-rt5370-wifi-dongle-on-raspian ) I still struggled a bit with this one.<br />
* Repeated the static IP configuration for Wireless. Once it worked, detached network cable -> still ok, which is good :)</p>
<p>Total time invested so far: roughly 3 hours. Most of the time spent with struggling installing the WiFi dongle.
Dec 23, 2013. Я настроил на раздачу, телефон находит сеть, но подключится не
получается. Что делать? Пробовал и с паролем и без. 15 ноя 2010. При повторной настройке, правда, ушло уже минуты полторы :))). Ну и далее утилитой из состава драйверов Ralink создаем Wi-Fi . Далее

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