Joomla 3 chronoforms submit url

John Quincy Adams Grave
How to Create SEF URL’s for ChronoForms with sh404SEF (or any other. Luckily ChronoForms has a nifty plugin to. Save failing when adding new tag in Joomla 3. ChronoForms is a Joomla Component that helps Joomla/Mambo users publish.
Define the Submit URL if you are interested, useful for forms migrated from other
. #3- Navigate to the «Admin list settings» tab and enter few table columns . My problem is that I’ve made a custom Joomla registration form with Chronoforms
, but when I’m trying to submit it, the page just. if using ChronoForms v4, try
setting Relative URL to No in the form General tab.

13 Jan 2010. I was hoping for such a quick fix to my issues with jQuery within Chronoforms. of javascript and i managed to fix my Joomla 3 site conflict with this. Далее

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